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Founded in 1990.

Started after school at IBM working for Arbed Differdange (Luxemburg) and programming the "Mister Cash" Assembler for follow-up of the iron coils.

Next was the development of the relational database and metadata structure at Spaarkrediet Antwerpen. Got familiar with banking services and old school programmaing in RPG and PL/I.

Next stage was Securex Gent. Development in PL/I for "service buro" (several stand-alone systems transitioning from 1400-assembler to modern interactive systems still on mainframes).

Moved on to Honda Europe Gent analizing the new Car Reception Center.

Final job as EDP manager at Marcel Liebaert Deinze. Rewriting the whole IT system in Business Basic on Data General equipment. Got in place a system from taking the orders, planning production, real-time stock inventory, invoicing, bookkeeping, salary administration and backoffice recalculation over several locations.

Started D.W. Soft in 1990. In the beginning merely as freelance programmer. After a couple of years, managing the complete IT infrastructure in following environments:

- fuel trader

- elastic textile

- legal services (notary and advocate)

- transport (national and international)

- meat distribution

- paper trade

- garage

- drink center

- coffee-roasting factory

- public services

- accountants & fiscal experts

- timber trade

- several shops

- ...

From mainframe over personal computers to mobile devices.

Got a degree in informatics in 1979 without ever seeing a computer. Nowadays, computers are everywhere. I have seen the rising of the personal computer, the world wide web and cloud computing. In the early days, computer virusses were mostly jokes. Now, security has become main business. Virusses get more and more aggressive; encrypt your data and requests ransom to get your data back. Backup has become very important. Mobily is hot item.

What can we do for you?

- advice and consultancy (fully independant)

- project management

- tailored software

- remote monitoring

- IT helpdesk

- what to i need at what cost and where can i buy it


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