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Remote monitoring

Constantly on the watch-out

We can do remote monitoring of your servers and workstations in order to keep them up to date to meet all challenges to come. Firewalls, network, antivirus, backup, windows updates, ... are our daily work. As soon as we detect problems, we get in touch to resolve these problems as soon as possible.


Ready to go. Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow.

Smartphones are the workstations of tomorrow. That's why we focus on accessibility: anytime, anywhere and with all kinds of devices. Do want you want, on every place and do it secure.

Network services

We connect everything

Lots of experiance in connecting devices and software. Internet of things is the new hype. Latest projects cover all the aspects of the IoT: connection, security, remote management, retrieving data, ... . Also familiar with the classic networks: firewalls, antivirus, management of servers, backup (even in the cloud), ... . Keeping all workstations up to date and ready to go.

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